GulfMark Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adams Resources and Energy, Inc.  The company was founded in 1982 as ADA Crude Oil Company.

In 1992 GulfMark Energy Acquisition, Inc. was acquired by GulfMark Energy, Inc. and then merged with ADA Crude Oil Company in 1997, now operating under the GulfMark name.

  • We operate 180 tractor-trailer trucks, trailers and 4 barge terminals
  • Over 38 million barrels per year are delivered to multiple unloading facilities
  • GulfMark Energy currently employs over 350 people
  • GulfMark Energy markets to both local and regional refiners
  • Gross revenues for 2013 are in excess of $3.8 billion

GulfMark Energy’s field operations are served from nine regional offices in Texas, Louisiana and Michigan: El Campo/Victoria-TX, Freer-TX, Rayne-LA, Caldwell/Sealy-TX, Alma-MI, Houston-TX, Livingston-TX, Harrison-MI and Midland-TX.

GulfMark Energy’s parent company, Adams Resources & Energy, Inc., is traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol AE.  With over 850 employees, Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. explores for, sells and delivers hydrocarbons through its three subsidiaries: GulfMark Energy, Inc., Service Transport Company, and Adams Resources Exploration Corporation.

The operations of Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. were originally founded by K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. in 1947 as a private concern.  The company completed its initial public offering in 1974.